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T R I B U T E    T O    N I N O Y

April 14, 1975


To Cory, my dearly beloved wife, my patient suffering mother, my darling children, my sisters, brothers and relatives, friends, and supporters:

I have requested my lawyers to withdraw whatever cases and motions I have in the Supreme Court. I have also vowed to continue the hunger strike I began ten days ago.

You will probably ask me why I have chosen this course of action. I owe you an explanation, not only because you have stood by me all these years, but because in my mind I feel I am entitled to your steadfast, unflinching support only when I truly deserve it.

Last April 4, when the Military Commission suddenly made a complete turn-about and forced me, against my will, to be present in proceedings which are not only clearly illegal but unjust, I said I shall have no other alternative but to go on a hunger strike in protest against a procedure that is intended to humiliate and dehumanize me, considering that all they wanted was for me to be identified as a common criminal, and not only for myself but on behalf of the many other victims of today’s oppression and injustices.

I had filed in the Supreme Court a petition for prohibition against the Military Commission since August, 1973. I had asked for an injunction days before it started its hearing on August 27, 1973. No injunction was issued by the Supreme Court and in the hearing before the Military Commission on August 27, 1973, I declared that I would not participate in the proceedings of the military tribunal. I want you to recall what I said then-that my case is unique in that more than one year before Mr. Marcos proclaimed martial law, he had publicly accused me and pronounced me guilty, on the basis of evidence which he described as “not only strong but overwhelming,” that he could have filed the charges against me with the civil courts which were not then under his control, that the trial before the military tribunal would be an unconscionable mockery because its members are subordinates of the President and are completely beholden to him, that every part of my being is against one-man rule, that I fully realize the consequences of my decision, that I have chosen to follow my conscience and accept the tyrant’s verdict. These sentiments are even more valid today than on that day when they were first uttered.

I had expected the Supreme Court in 1974 to issue a temporary injunction or even a restraining order against the Military Commission, especially after my lawyers called its attention to two press statements of Mr. Marcos before the world saying he had actually removed martial law, and that legally martial law no longer existed in the Philippines. The Government lawyers, I understand, admitted the fact that he had made those statements.

Then, last March 10, 1975, the Military Commission granted, without my knowledge and without first hearing me, a petition filed by the Prosecution to perpetuate the testimonies of unidentified witnesses against me, and scheduled the hearings on March 31 up to April 4.

As soon as I god hold of the papers, my lawyers filed with the Supreme Court an Urgent Motion dated March 24, 1975, for the issuance of a temporary restraining order against the Military Commission, on the main ground that to hear the testimonies of these witnesses would render the prohibition suit in the Supreme Court moot, and academic, since the perpetuation of testimony proceedings would actually be a part of the trial-the very question at issue in the high court.

No restraining order was issued. The Military Commission held its first hearing, as scheduled, last March 31. At the very start, I questioned the legal authority of the Military Commission to perpetuate the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses on the ground of lack of jurisdiction, and estoppel. I pointed out that to proceed would be to let our people know that Mr. Marcos, who is my accuser, is also the prosecutor and final judge of his own charges against me. The Prosecution replied that the proceedings were merely for perpetuation of testimony and were not a part of the trial.

The hearing before the Military Commission was continued on April 1, on which date the Commission brushed aside my opposition, saying that the proceedings were not a part of the trial. On the question of whether I should be present or not, it rendered a well-studied ruling that in accordance with law I need not be present.

I went back to my prison cell. To my surprise, on April 2, I received a Motion for Reconsideration from the Prosecution, asking the Commission to set aside its own ruling, and to compel me to be present. I knew in my bones that Mr. Marcos would not be satisfied with my absence-he wanted me to be humiliated and demolished frontally! Hearing was resumed on April 3, and on April 4 the Military Commission ordered that I be produced bodily before it. In a ruling that shocked me, the military tribunal reversed its own decision and held that the proceedings were now part of the actual trial, and that I must be present, even against my will. I requested for a short period of 7 days, so I could prepare, in my prison cell, a formal Motion for Reconsideration, and allow my lawyers to seek relief from the Supreme Court, but this plea for a 7-day period of suspension was denied on the spot. I thereupon announced that I would go on a hunger strike. Mr. Marcos’ favorite witness, Commander Melody, was immediately called to testify against me. This confessed murderer pointed to me as having ordered Commander Dante, in the presence of so many persons, to liquidate a barrio captain in Tarlac, who had been my loyal follower through many campaigns! Thus began the process of dehumanization.

In the meanwhile, the day before, April 3, my lawyers received a Resolution from the Supreme Court, dated April 1, stating that for “lack of a necessary quorum” of 10 justices, it could not act on my Urgent Motion for a restraining order because it involved a constitutional question.

Hearing continued in the Military Commission, with Commander Melody as the star witness. Through the controlled newspapers and the tv-radio stations, vivid accounts of my supposed crimes against society were recounted. No effort was spared to dehumanize and destroy me as Mr. Marcos’ political rival. I was supposed to be nothing more than a plain criminal.

After the hearing of April 7, I was allowed to meet my lawyers. I told them that at that point I did not need anything from the Supreme Court. Mr. Marcos had already accomplished his propaganda objective. He achieved, through his pampered witness, the purpose he set out to accomplish. My lawyers showed me a draft of a Manifestation they wanted to file. I said I did not want anything from the Supreme Court, and that the whole thing had been designed, composed and orchestrated in Malacañang. My lawyers said it was necessary to call the attention of the Supreme Court to the gross injustices committed against me, so no one could validly say later than the highest court of the land did not know anything about them. I agreed that it be filed, on that understanding.

The next day, April 8, I was brought back to the Military Commission for the resumption of the hearing. I felt very weak, due to hunger, but I had in my favor a clear conscience and a will that is ever stronger now than on the day I started my fast. Mr. Marcos’ star witness had just about finished the demolition job assigned to him. I felt that the case I had filed since 1973 in the Supreme Court had become meaningless. The dictator, with all the awesome powers of his office, had seen to that.

In the afternoon of April 8, after the adjournment of the hearing, my long-suffering wife arrived with the news that the Supreme Court had at last issued a temporary restraining order against the Commission and that there would be a hearing on the Motion for a Restraining Order on April 14, 1975. My reaction was quick, despite my increasing weakness: “This is too late and too little. I don’t need anything anymore from the. Let the military proceedings go on, as scheduled, so the whole world will see the meaning and essence of justice under martial law dictatorship.” The Prosecution had charged that the purpose of my hunger strike was to delay the taking of the testimony of their star witness. Let them eat their words-I want the star witness to go on and on, including all their other witnesses, so the whole world will see the difference between a half-truth and a complete falsehood.

On Bataan Day, April 9, I was brought again before the Military Commission. The Prosecution read the text of the restraining order and moved that the hearing be adjourned until further orders from the Supreme Court. Just what I thought! They wanted it stopped now-the whole thing has become embarrassing. I asked the permission of the Commission to say a few things. This was granted. I told them my path to God is more important than any oath I could take before men. I wanted my own testimony perpetuated, since I may have to meet my Maker shortly. (By the way, please get the full transcript of my statement.) In part, I said that I may perhaps be credited with a little intelligence. How could I possibly have ordered Dante, in the presence of so many persons, including Melody whom I had never seen or met before, to liquidate a barrio captain? I also told them I would request my lawyers not to file any petition before the Supreme Court, to withdraw the urgent motion for restraining order, and for the Military Commission to continue its hearings.

Despite my hunger strike, or probably because of it, I see with unmistakable clarity that my legal battles in the Supreme Court are now over. Mr. Marcos is the single genius, composing and directing all the proceedings, whether in the military tribunal or in the civil courts. This is the evil of one-man rule at its very worst. He has destroyed the independence of the civil courts, abolished the legislature, controlled the mass media, curtailed our cherished liberties-with the backing of the military, which, ironically, exist “for the good of the people.”

Without the Supreme Court as an obstacle, I have decided to go on my hunger strike and place my fate and my life squarely in the hands of my accuser, prosecutor, and judge-Mr. Marcos. Thus the plain, naked truth will be made clear to our people and to the rest of the world.

As I said, my hunger strike is not for myself alone, but for the many thousands of Filipinos who are helpless victims of the oppression and injustices of the so-called New Society. The meaning and thrust of my struggle and sacrifice transcend the limited question of absence or presence in the proceedings before the military tribunal.

I have therefore solemnly vowed to continue my hunger strike as a symbol of our people’s firm protest against:

1. the trial of civilians before military tribunals, particularly for offenses allegedly committed by them before martial law;

2. the lack of judicial independence. Trials by civil courts would still be a travesty of justice, especially in cases where those in power, their relatives or associates, are interested-for as long as our judges remain “casuals.” They should be given permanent tenure, for their own good and for the benefit of our people who have a vital stake in a sound administration of justice;

3. the absence of a genuine free press. Since martial law was proclaimed, I have been unfairly condemned and vilified by the controlled newspapers and tv-radio stations. I know there are many people who have been similarly pilloried. But a genuine free press is even more important for those who are in power. It may free them form their arrogance, their prejudices, and their pretensions, and help them see the injustices they have committed against their own people; and

4. the further continuation of martial law and its evils and repressions. After all, Mr. Marcos has already announced to the world that he had actually removed martial law since April 1974.

I know I have caused my loved ones immeasurable anguish and sorrow. But as I told the Military Commission last March 31, there comes a time in a man’s life when he must prefer a meaningful death to a meaningless life. Let Mr. Marcos realize that there are still Filipinos who are prepared to suffer and lay down their lives for a cause bigger than their own physical survival.

Others may know better ways of fighting the evils and injustices of one-man rule. But for me, a prisoner in an army camp, my only shelter is a clear conscience, my only shield my unshakeable faith that this is still a moral universe and that right and goodness will triumph in the end. Beyond the greed, the pride, the insolence, and the pretensions of those who rule us through force and fear and fraud, there is a living Almighty God who knows the dark mysteries of evil in the hearts of men. I know His justice, truth, and righteousness will reign and endure forever.

Those who have the force of arms will win in the meanwhile. But they will surely lose in the end. For to paraphrase Unamuno, the great thinker, for them to finally prevail, they must convince; to convince, they have to persuade; and in order to persuade, they need what they do not and cannot have: right and reason in the crucial struggle.

You will never know how much and how often you have been with me in the desolation of my prison cell. But be consoled in the thought that this is the least I can do for our helpless people. My only regret is that I cannot give more.

With all my love,



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A poem written by Ninoy  for Cory

I Have Fallen In Love
Lyrics by Ninoy Aquino
Music by Jose Mari Chan

I have fallen in love
With the same woman three times
In a day spanning nineteen years
Of tearful joys and joyful tears.
I loved her first when she was young
Enchanting and vibrant, eternally new
She was brilliant, fragrant and cool
As the morning dew.
I fell in love with her the second time
When first she bore her child and mine
Always by my side, the source of my strength
Helping to turn the tide.
But there were candles to burn
The world was my concern
While our home was her domain
And the people were mine
While the children were hers to maintain.
So it was in those eighteen years and a day
Till I was detained
Forced in prison to stay.
Suddenly she’s our sole support
Source of comfort
Our wellspring of hope
On her shoulders fell the burden of life.
I fell in love again
With the same woman the third time
Looming from the battle
Her courage will never fade.
Amidst the hardships she has remained
Undaunted and unafraid
She is calm, composed
She is God’s lovely maid.

Listen to the song










Thanks to those, who uploaded this songs and for allowing me using their links. 



His indomitable spirit and principles that led our country to fight and stand up for our right. And in exchange for his life, we learned to be aware of the value of our country and our people's justice through the help of our GOD.
Comment: I don't know how to start to follow your steps NINOY, i guess you just started in thinking of the possible ways to show God and others that you love them, and strengthen your principles by making your self aware of the sufferings of others, and you selflessly made yourself accountable for it. I really don't know how to start, but I'd try my very best to keep up to your principles in the help of our God.
Jhoi Lerum

Check out the full transcript of Ninoy Aquino's electrifying speech 28 years ago in L.A. made available online at http://hawaksatun-og.webs.com/ninoyspeech.htm Witness the genius, the intelligence, emotion and humor of the man who died 25 years ago today so that many will have the opportunity to waste their freedom and liberty in the altar of corruption and indifference. Help pass on the indomitable spirit of Ninoy especially to those who have forgotten and to those who were to young to know.

Ninoy, hindi ka nag-iisa!! Patuloy naming papag-igtingin, at papagningasin ang apoy sa pagtunton ng katotohanan. Kagaya mo, hindi  lang aasa kung hindi ipapalapat ang adhikain sa pagkilos at pag gawa.Ito ang panahon ng pagkibo; hindi pagkikibit balikat at pagsasawalang bahala!!

I just happened to drop by in this site for my reaction paper about the People Power and of course, the late President Cory's death. Though I was not yet born when the EDSA revolution happened. Still, after countless times of watching documentaries and of reading articles about the People Power, I can say that the whole EDSA thing really touched me. Here's a portion of my reaction paper.

Who are the Aquino couple? What did they do for the Philippines? What’s their role in changing the course of this nation’s history? Basically, the couple gave their life for the Philippines. One was killed for the country and the other gave up living a normal life for the country. 
As we all know, Lakas Sambayanan or the People Power is a very a memorable event in Philippine History wherein the Filipinos as a whole became united.   The first ever People Power took place in Highway 54 now known as Epifanio Delo Santos Avenue or simply EDSA. Thus, gave birth to the term, EDSA Revolution.
The couple took so much part in the above said uprising. Let’s say we’d take the couple out of the picture and say all the other factors were the same. What would have happened? I believe you and I would have the same answer. You see, if not for them there wouldn’t be a People Power. There wouldn’t be that specific reason that would trigger the Filipino people to go out on the streets and fight for their rights against the government.

I'm sorry if it's not yet finished because I barely started it and I'm still on the searching-for-facts stage. thank you. :)
Zarah June Koppin Zerna

I admire him not only as a hero of our nation but also as a loving father to her family. He is away from them but then, he managed to feel their love and presence by their support, love and prayers.

Your love for our country and its people shall never be put into waste, for I am personally moved and inspired; with all my strenght make myself worthy and carry the burden to improve in my own little our country's direction--- thank you Ninoy!
von guintu

Salamat sa demokrasyang ibinigay mo sa buong pilipinas..salamat din sa 1 cory aquino na ibinigay mo sa bayan..maraming salamat sa inyo pong 2 NINOY at CORY AQUINO salamat sa lahat ng bagay na ibinigay nyo sa pilipinas na aming nakakamtam sa ngayun
mary dean rezano

Salamat po sa masidhing pagmamahal na inalay nyo sa ating bansa upang makamit ang tunay na kalayaan na sumikil sa ating lipunan. utang po namin sa inyo ang aming kalayaan na tinatamasa namin ngayon. maraming salamat po!
jackson j. yngco

People who are serving in our govt''politicians,public officials''Wake up before its to late,Huwag nyong sirain ng tuluyan ang kagandahan ng pilipinas''Maawa kayo sa ating bansa,at sa kinabukasan ng ating kabataan.wla ng hihigit pa sa paghihirap na tinamo ni Ninoy''
frank monsod jr

thank you for leading and enlighting the mind of your fellow country men that leads to our freedom that we are facing nowadays...thank you very much we will never forget you!!!!
jimboy castro

I walked together with the leaders and countrymen of democrary when im in youngage, you taught me how to care for my rights and freedom. i mourned you on your death, learn to fight for your cause, for it is for myself, my children's children. i was in people power revolution. continue to support democracy under pres cory. i wish God sends another like you. i missed you my leader. thank you.
mon orate

thank u po sa lahat ingat
katrina kate villaner

We love your entire family, we visited Cory's wake despite of the heavy rains. This is the least we can do in return to the sacrifies you've made.
Ethel Jose

I love reading his letter and watching his interview

Hi, was wondering if we may use some of your images from Ninoy Aquino's funeral in an article on SPOT.ph?
Trixie Zabal

Thank you Ninoy for everything.

I believe Ninoy's most important contribution is reminding the Filipino that among the top ten traits a Filipino has, COURAGE always beats FEAR. He also showed us the value of prayer during his incarceration, and how one should honor, love and treasure his own family.
Jobert Falcon

I am an avid fan of him, because of his love to this country of ours. He is true born leader of this country sacrificing all his life just to see our country proud again.. I love him so much..
Nomer R. Barbosa

Ninoy, indeed hindi kayo nag-iisa.  You are a greatest leader and my idol.  I admire you a lot for your courage, selflessness and determination to bring back democracy to every Filipino.  You are really our hero, hope and inspiration.  We love you.
Joselito Lao Cepeda

You had done so much to our nation, your inspiration will leave on to many Filipinos who value freedom and believes in the democratic process. May your life be a source of strength and courage to uphold the highest truth and maintain good morals.
Dinna N. Pozas

Thank you for the gift of freedom and democracy...
Richard Japson

After I have read the biography, I was extremely salute for bearing more than a heroic deed he ever offered to his country.How I wish that his legacy will trigger the conscience of all corrupt officials.
Nora R. Divinagracia

Hope it will not take too long for another Ninoy to rise and save the Philippines from the corruption of the government.

My message, is we must continue what ninoy did for our country. Like ninoy said The Filipino is worth dying for!
Jonathan Tumang

Thank you for inspiring the Filipino people ,to figth for what is right.Im so proud of you taht you have been born as a Filipino.You and Your wife are Great Filipino Heroes..Mabuhay kayo..
Regine F. Palomo

In a few hours, my husband and I will be on our way to Manila Cathedral to pay our last respects to Tita Cory.  I have been very emotional for the past days, most especially now after watching the video in the homepage. I've been feeling so down I could not work decently last Monday and took the day off today. I cannot exactly put my finger on what my emotions are.  I know there is deep loneliness because of Tita Cory's passing. There is overwhelming gratitude for the freedom most of us Filipinos take for granted.  There is bitterness towards other people's apathy, like some of my officemates' which really put me off last Monday.  There is disappointment with myself for not doing more to help, to keep Ninoy and Cory's fight alive. There is impatience with myself with being 32 and not establishing myself solidly and quickly enough so that I had provided already for my family so I can spend most of time for others
and country.  I know I have the passion, the love, the talent to contribute more.  The fact that it remains a vision sometime in the future frustrates me. I am anxious and restless.  The past days have left me questioning how I'm living my life and where I'm going.  Is it enough that I am a good citizen and I do my best to provide a good life for my family?  I guess Tita Cory answered this in the video.  She just lost her husband to the cause of freedom and asked herself if that is enough.  Yet her answer is we can do more, give more.  But I ask is doing more, giving more a privilege of those who have excess?  I will surely be pondering on these questions in the coming days.  One thing is certain though. The fire that started burning in my young heart when I wrote a paper on Ninoy when I was in 6th grade has burned even brighter with Tita Cory's passing. I will take on the torch.  Let's keep their memories and their fight alive. Let us live eserving to be called the Filipinos Ninoy died for and Cory lived for.
Rose Dizon

He is our modern day hero full of fortitude and courage.  Truly, Filipinos are worth dying for.

You will always be in the heart of the Filipino People. .
Rissa Santos

I was on my grade school when Ninoy died, learning all what he did is a true inspiration to every Filipino.
Tess Real

I was particularly happy about the one taken during Ninoy and Cory's wedding day. I am a parishioner of the Our Lady of Sorrows Parish and we are now in a phase wherein we are trying to bring the parishioners back to active involvement in the parish community. I would like to share this wedding picture to them to inspire them to think highly of our parish as it once had a connection to two of our country's greatest heroes. Please allow me to use this picture in our parish assembly tomorrow. I am sure that many would be delighted.   Rest assured that credits will be given to you, as the owner of the site. thank you very much!
Butch Evarola

After reading his letter to Former Sen Rodrigo...my "little" knowledge about the greatness of Ninoy as a person and as a Filipino... has widen my horizon as a person in a truest sense of the word...He is really worth dying for..
Melinda P. Rivera

now ninoy shall be joined by her loving wife with our Creator. but their sacrifices, their humility, their goodness, their love for the filipino people should forever be remembered and the flame of their legacy should forever kept burning.
jojo de silva






Ninoy's letter to Noynoy

from Fort Bonifacio at 11:10 p.m.

“My dearest Son,

“One of these days, when you have completed your studies I am sure you will have the opportunity to visit many countries. And in your travels you will witness a bullfight.

“In Spanish bullfighting as you — now a man — know, the matador is pitted against an angry bull. The man goads the bull to extreme anger and madness. Then a moment comes when the bull, maddened, bleeding and covered with darts, feeling his last moment has come, stops rushing about and grimly turns his face on the man with the scarlet ‘muleta’ and sword. The Spaniards call this ‘the moment of truth.’ This is the climax of the bullfight.

“This afternoon, I have arrived at my own moment of truth. After a lengthy conference with my lawyers, Senators Jovito R. Salonga and Lorenzo Tañada, I made a very crucial and vital decision that will surely affect all our lives: Mommy’s, your sisters’, yours and our entire loved ones as well as mine.

“I have decided not to participate in the proceedings of the Military Commission assigned to try the charges filed against me by the army prosecution staff. As you know, I’ve been charged with illegal possession of firearms, violation of R.A. 1700, otherwise known as the ‘Anti-Subversion Act,’ and murder.

“You are still too young to grasp the full impact of my decision. Briefly, by not participating in the proceedings, I will not be represented by counsel; the prosecution will present its witnesses without any cross examinations; I will not put up any defense; I will remain passive and quiet through the entire trial; and I will merely await the verdict. In as much as it will be a completely one-sided affair, I suppose it is reasonable to expect that the maximum penalty will be given to me. I expect to be sentenced to imprisonment the rest of my natural life, or possible be sent to stand before a firing squad. By adopting the course of action I decided upon this afternoon, I have literally decided to walk into the very jaws of death.

“You may ask: ‘Why did you do it?’

“Son, my decision is an act of conscience. It is an act of protest against the structures of injustice that have been imposed upon our hapless countrymen. Futile and puny as it will surely appear too many, it is last my act to defiance against tyranny and dictatorship.

“You are my only son. You carry my name and the name of my father. I have no material wealth to leave you; I never had time to make money while I was in the hire of our people. For this I am very sorry. I had hopes of building a little nest egg for you. I bought a ranch in Masbate in the hope that after 10 or 15 years, the coconut trees I planted there would yield enough to assure you a modest but comfortable existence. Unfortunately, I had to sell all our properties as I fought battle after political battle as a beleaguered member of the opposition. And after the last battle, I had more obligations than assets.

“The only valuable asset I can bequeath to you now is the name you carry. I have tried my best during my years of public service to keep that name untarnished and respected, unmarked by sorry compromises for expediency. I now pass it on to you, as good, I pray, as when my father, your grandfather, passed it on to me.

“I prepared a statement, which I intended to read before the Military Commission on Monday at the opening of my trial. I hope the commission members will be understanding and kind enough to allow me to read my statement into the record. This may well be my first and only participation in the entire proceedings.

“In this statement I said: Some people suggested that I beg for mercy from the present powers that be. Son, this I cannot do in conscience. I would rather die on my feet with honor, than live on bended knees in shame.


Congratulation To our New President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino!

Nagpupugay ako at bumabati sa ating bagong halal na Presidente, Si Ginoong Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino. Umaasa ako at sa Milyong milyong Pilipino na itutuloy mo ang magandang halimbawang ipinunla ng iyong mga magulang. Sana maresolba ang kurapsyon na masyadong nagagamit ang demokrasya, ang mabigyan ng magandang kabuhayan ang ating mga kapus palad, hindi makikinig sa digta ng kung sino-sino. ito na siguro ang magandang pagkakataon para maisakatuparan ang isang magandang hinaharap ng ating bansa na hindi nakita ng iyong dakilang ama nung sya'y nabubuhay pa. 


Ninoy LA Speech 1981

(Full transcript of the Ninoy Aquino Speech including open forum exchanges at a Freedom Symposium Rally – Movement for Free Philippines at Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles in Feb. 15, 1981.)

Mr. Danny Lamila, my dear friend Serge Osmena, Mr. Alvares, my brothers and sisters, good afternoon. I am filled with happiness to be with you here this afternoon, because this is the first experience in my life. For the last 25 years I have been a politician, we used to pay people to hear us. This is the first time people pay to hear me. As I was sitting down there, listening to Danny Lamila, I only have one advice to him. Don’t ever go back to Manila or you will be a captured eagle.

I was asked why I am in crutches. Is it because of my heart operation? The answer is no. I was already running two miles four months after my operation. I was already very good, and my wife can attest to that...  But unfortunately last Dec. 6, I was invited to Columbus Ohio, and they made me speak in so many areas that day. I barely had 3 hours sleep the night before, when I came from Cornell in Ithaca New York. I had to fly back to Boston to meet my doctor who came in from Dallas. I took him out for dinner and we slept at about 2 o’clock in the morning, I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning, I drove to the airport, I went to Columbus Ohio. I arrived in Columbus Ohio and the moment I arrived there, they made me speak in three or different occasions. Finally on the fourth speaking engagement that day, we were headed towards the Ohio State University where I was to speak before the student body. It was almost 8:30, it was very dark, when the van I was riding in parked. When I alighted from the van, I do not know exactly what happened, but I think I stepped on a curb. And then when I put my weight I slipped. And little did I realize that that single half a second accident tore my Achilles heel tendon, and I had to go for an operation after five days. And I’d been on a cast for eight weeks, and I’ve been out of the cast now for two weeks, and hopefully in another two weeks I will be out and about.

To read the full speech, click here




Nine years ago, googling "Ninoy Aquino" would have yielded results for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Ninoy Aquino Avenue, the P500 bill, and almost nothing on Benigno S. Aquino, Jr., the man.

The World Wide Web was a different place then. There were no social networking sites like Friendster, Multiply, MySpace, or Facebook. There was no YouTube or Wikipedia, and "twitter" was something only birds did.

It was during this time that graphic designer Arnold Barredo started building one of the earliest sites dedicated to the Philippine senator assassinated on Aug. 21, 1983. When he launched "Tribute to Ninoy" in 2000, Mr. Barredo wanted to fill the virtual void and add to the information presented in "The Ninoy Aquino Scrapbook," a section in the "EDSA Revolution" Web site created by ThinkQuest, an online learning platform.

"I’ve maintained the ’Tribute to Ninoy’ Web site for the past nine years because I want people to appreciate his greatness, his brilliance, and his principles in life. If his qualities were injected in all of us — if we all believed in fighting for what is right — I think we’d have a better Philippines," said Mr. Barredo in an e-mail interview with BusinessWorld.

To read the full article, click here




I'm looking forward to watch this Docu-drama that highlights the final days of Ninoy as he returned to the Philippines from a 3 years exile in the U.S

The film is produced by Benigno S. Aquino Foundation and Unitel. It will have a one-day regular screening in Power Plant Mall on August 21, 2009. ABS-CBN will also air the docu-drama on free TV on August 23, at around 10:30 PM.



Ang kwento ng 
Tribute to Ninoy website

Tribute to Ninoy year 2000

Sampung taon na ring nananatili sa internet ang website na ito, bagamat may suliranin ding dumaan, ngunit sa bandang huli buhay pa rin ang "TRIBUTE TO NINOY" WEBSITE at patuloy na nagbibigay gabay lalo na sa kabataan para malaman ang yugto ng kasaysayan ukol sa buhay at kadakilaan ni Ninoy.

Ibabahagi ko ang aking munting  kuwento, kung paano at bakit ko nilikha ang website na ito sa salitang Pilipino, sa dahilan na hindi naman ako gaanong bihasa sa ingles, at mas madali kong maibabahagi ang kuwento ko sa tagalog......






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This is a collection from the beginning of Cory Aquino’s candidacy for President 1n 1985 up to February 1986. all images are taken from my sister’s scrapbook which she painstakingly compiled, clippings, Articles, photos, souvenirs from the 1986  snap election, and the rally  that she attended in the height of nationwide protest under the Marcos regime.

It will gives you a visual insight of how the atmosphere back then, full of hope inspite the turmoil, willing to sacrifice and knows the importance of solidarity.

My sister was a volunteered CAPM or Cory Aquino for President Movement. Actively participated for Cory's candidacy, also a watcher in canvassing the ballots in the precinct, up to Batasang Pambansa. We also helped her set up a small headquarters by distributing campaign materials, and at nightime, attentively posting a campaign posters on the street wall. It's quite scary but a great experience.

"And now Cory left us, I feel sad at the same time proud for being part of her life, we able to do our small share to the woman who always be the Mother and the conscience of this nation.






Souvenir, flyers, poster, Leaflets


Old Magazines


Interesting old news clippings, photos, funeral map and other collections



Display Ninoy wallpaper on your PC



Many thanks to NATV (Ninoy Aquino TV) for  providing us great video resources of Ninoy, without you, it still an impossible dream to see this rare footages. For more videos, visit NATV website:


Salamat ng marami NATV sa pag-upload ng video na ito, sa tagal na ng panahon ang lumipas, hindi ko akalain na mapapanood ko pa pala ang interview na ito, hidi ito maisasakatuparan kung wala kayong matiyagang nagrerecord lahat ng palabas na may kaugnayan kay Ninoy! Malaking bagay kayo sa sambayanang Pilipino!!

The Heart & The Soul (1 of 3)

Ninoy Aquino's memorable speech in 
Los Angeles! (1 of 9 )

Ninoy Aquino's guest appearance on The 
700 Club Part 1

NINOY AQUINO: Worth Dying For (the last interview!)

NINOY's guest appearance on 
"Face The Nation" talk show (an excerpt)

BATAS MILITAR: Martial Law in the 
Philippines (1 of 11)



I compiled different photos of Ninoy's statues and monuments throughout the country. most of the images are found in the various website.



Photo Tour of Ninoy Aquino's House
This web page is a special treat for everyone. A chance to look into the house where Ninoy used to run around as a young boy up to age 3 before moving to Manila when his father was elected to the National Assembly.

This piece was selected by the Board of Judges as one of the honorable mention in the Ninoy Aquino Writing and Song Contest organized by HTA sa GMA (on DZBB, a local radio station) and Radyo Balintataw on DZRH.




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